Tuesday, September 1, 2009

School Uniform Hair Accessories

School Uniform Hair Accessories - Headbands, Clips, Pony Os

What fun, my oldest daughter started Kindergarten today! Her school requires blackwatch plaid uniforms from Flynn & O'hara. One great thing about school uniforms is that they will make mornings super easy. Of course we still want for her to express herself within the guidelines. A new pink backpack was definitely in order. When it comes to accessories though most schools require that hair clips, headbands and barrettes match the colors in the uniform and be tasteful. That wasn't so easy to find.

I came up with some simple styles that fit the guidelines and made her happy - navy, white and sweet flowers! Hand cut and made with a nice wool felt, these accessories will definitely give her look a bit of style.

Need some for your little girl? We're happy to make these and other styles in your school colors. Just email us at sales@tinycupcakes.com

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Mama B said...

These are adorable! Do you use a Cuttlebug or cut the flower by hand? Where do you get your headbands?
Thanks so much for sharing. I like your blog.
I just started blogging. Please check it out - littlelizardking.blogspot.com