Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cupcake Night at Etsy, July 2008

Thanks to everyone who participated in Etsy's Cupcake Night. It was a great night of crafting and of course everyone loved cupcakes (thanks to Nichelle, Rachel and Allison for providing the yummy treats http://cupcakestakethecake.blogspot.com/)

We met so many wonderful people tonight and were so impressed by their enthusiasm and creativity. In the Etsy Labs we provided the instructions for our cupcake ornament, then gave attendees a variety of felt and yarn to choose from. While many followed our model, there were so many funky and unique designs. We took a bunch of photos which you can view in our photostream on Flickr. Towards the end of the night we popped on the webcast and gave the virtual attendees a step-by-step demo. Thanks to all who hung in there to see us online and for your kind words.

Thanks again - Jill and Katherine

To get your template and instructions

please convo us through Etsy (shop: tinycupcakes) or

send an email to sales@tinycupcakes.com

Template and instructions are our original design. We're happy to share with you but please use our guide for personal crafting only :)
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