Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Transportation Themed Boy's Room

Affordable, heirloom quality wall hangings

We all know the dilemma - you want to decorate you're child's room around a theme but you don't want to plaster the licensed characters all over the bedding, walls and accessories. PJs are definitely OK. Last month a mom was designing on her son's "big boy" room and she turned to Etsy for a solution.

Like many seasoned Etsy shoppers, she posted a request to Alchemy. If you haven't checked out this feature on Etsy - please do!! Alchemy is a place where shoppers can request custom items - really anything under the sun - and Etsy shop owners will bid on the request.

This mom wanted something to decorate her son's walls that was based on the bedding. The bedding set she selected offered optional wall decals, but she wanted something nicer.

We bid on her request and she selected us to create two custom wall hangings based on the wall decals shown above. We had a few conversations and settled on the Jeep and Truck icons.

It was so much fun to take these cute images and turn them into heirloom art for her son. As it turns out the week I mailed these to the family - they were still welcoming home a new baby boy!

Our wall hangings are made with wool felt and are sewn entirely by hand. We'd love to hear from you and talk about how we can create a custom design for you.

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